Wesley Vissers Answers: Is Being A Tall Bodybuilder A Blessing Or A Curse?

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How Wesley Vissers plans to use his height as an advantage in Classic Physique bodybuilding.

Wesley Vissers is a Classic Physique bodybuilder with a lot of hype behind his name. He’s placed well in some well known competitions such as the Chicago Pro and Romania Musclefest Pro. But when it comes to the biggest events of the year, such as the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia, he has fallen short. His last Arnold Classic placing was 10th and he most recently placed 11th at the Olympia 2020.

But that doesn’t discourage Wesley Vissers. In fact the hype behind his name is still strong. He has plenty of promise to be a dominant Classic Physique competitor in the future. Not only that but Vissers plans to use his height to gain advantage against his fellow competitors. At 6’3″ tall, Vissers is one of the taller pro bodybuilders currently competing. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Wesley Vissers details how being tall was initially a curse… but now he sees it as a big advantage for his future in Classic Physique.

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