The Physical and Mental TOLL of Lifting HEAVY! #askDave



6:09 – Hi Dave, I do frequent bloodwork and there seems to be no difference in my test levels from taking 400mg/wk to 1000mg/wk. Why do you think that is? Should I just stick to the lower amount of 400 if I feel there is no difference? Thanks
8:21 – Layne Norton just posted on Instagram about some study that proves carbs and insulin don’t matter for fat loss, the only thing that matters is total caloric intake. Is this true?
11:05 – Why do some bodybuilders today, like @iainvalliere for example, lift super heavy, but others never seem to lift pass 405 on anything. Is it just how they respond or are some guys limiting themselves?
15:30 – It’s hard to tell how big a Pro actually is based on photos, what’s a good waist, shoulder, arm measurement etc for an Open competitor? I know it’s all about image and the illusion but everybody throws around ‘22 inch arms’ we never really get any more info than that, what were your measurements if you ever took any when you were at your biggest?
19:08 – Brown rice or white rice pre-workout?
21:01 – In the last four weeks of prep leading up to the show, using the compound Aromasin to reduce estrogen and Harden up… How far out would you start and what dosages are we talking about?
24:35 – How does a person decide if H.I.T the Dorian way is the best way to go,or high volume Jay Cutler style? Just wanted to add in giant sets as well, I know Milos loves those, but do you?
28:29 – Is Novilin R an acceptable alternative to humalog? How would you time it out since it takes ~30 minutes to start working?
33:39 – What’s worse to have in bodybuilding in ur opinion weak legs or a poor midsection?

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