Running 1 Mile after Smoking MEDICINAL HERBS and Drinking WHISKEY | Bodybuilder VS Crossfaded Test

In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I run 1 mile while crossfaded which as to be a world first! For this extreme cardio experiment I will be smoking medicinal herbs for every shot of whiskey I take to find out if it can effect the amazing running skills of the worlds strongest man Houston Jones! As always though, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We are trained professionals and this video is for educational/entertainment purposes only.





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My name is Houston Jones and Bodybuilder VS is a series where I play the role of a stereotypical cocky bodybuilder while attempting all kinds of crazy/funny things.

Who Can Take Advantage Of Digestive Enzymes?

Some individuals are most likely to take advantage of digestive system enzymes over others. These are all people who could be able to really feel much healthier as well as more probable to consume foods when the right enzymes are utilized. Right here are some requirements to see with these digestive enzymes in mind. They associate with individuals would certainly can conveniently make use of enzymes to their benefit. This serves for any kind of body to handle.

A Supplement That Improves Sporting Performance by Increasing Your Body Size and Strength

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Calcium – Its Rewards

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The Four Main Types Of Digestive Enzymes

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