Mohamed El Emam: Ronnie Coleman’s Best Package Would Easily Win Olympia Today

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Mohamed El Emam believes no bodybuilder currently competing would be able to beat Ronnie Coleman at his best.

Whenever we have a chance to interview a pro bodybuilder for our GI Exclusives, we always ask them for their picks of the best bodybuilders of all time. Each person’s list can reveal some insight into their own goals and careers. At the same time, there is also often a commonality between each list. Certain competitors so impressive that they can’t be ignored. Ronnie Coleman is one of those athletes. For Mohamed El Emam, Ronnie is the absolute best of all time. He goes a step further by claiming that no modern bodybuilder today could defeat Ronnie in his prime. In our latest GI Exclusive, Mohamed El Emam claims Ronnie Coleman would easily win the Mr. Olympia today – including against current champ Big Ramy.

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