5:06 – Dave do you see anything in the horizon that is new or exciting for GEAR/supplements for our community?
7:57 – How should I train the first weeks after my contest?
11:20 – Dave thinks Kai Greene wants to come back.
14:44 – You think roelly can make needed improvements to try win the Tampa show. i think this will be Iain Villaire show to win
16:36 – Where would Seth Feroce have placed at the 212 Olympia at his all-time best?
17:38 – Hey Dave can you explain the exact science behind carb cycling specifically on high carb days. Is it best to have it the day of or the day before you train a lagging body part?
20:35 – Can Bodybuilding ever make it into the Olympics?
22:35 – I’m hearing more about collagen lately. Do recommend using it and if so what should I look for before purchasing?
24:49 – Dumbell vs cable for side lateral delts?
26:04 – When doing a keto diet, what percent of the fats should come from saturated fats? Is there a diifference for an enhanced male or female and for natural male or female?
29:06 – Lee Priest jokes about Kai Greene video.
30:00 – I’m a kidney transplant recipient on immunosuppressant and BP meds as well as prednisone. Please could you explain how this may effect my muscle building abs weight loss please? I can build muscle relatively well but fat loss is the issue and any tips on how to improve this at all please?
31:51 – If you had access to all pharma PEDs, what what would you suggest for a mass cycle/dose. Taking into account diet/cals are upped and training is on point?

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