Can Phil Heath’s Training Style Work For You? #askDave


6:59 – Dave can you give an overview of what health and muscle building supplements you suggest. I have heard many recommendations form you but not an overall setup. Thx
10:45 – For someone with binge eating issues following your ketogenic diet, do you recommend any modifications to the weekly cheat meal if it triggers a binge?
14:35 – Watching Phil Heath train looks like he never pushes it to the limit. It almost seems easy. Do you think he got away wth it due to his genetics or maybe training lower than 100%intensity gives you a more fresh look while keeping your body healthier?
18:15 – Dave,is it necessary to have beef or fish in your diet(on or/and off season).Chicken ,egg whites,tuna and whey isolate are pretty much my main source of protein and i use salmon(mostly for fats).Any benefits to add those in your diet?
20:07 – Lee Priest asks how to get brain cells back.
21:27 – Best way to grow outer quads without squats?
22:30 – Will you retain more muscle during a cut if you put on more body fat or will you lose more muscle the more body fat you put on?
23:38 – How did Dave meet Jimmy The Bull?
27:18 – Do you think the amount of pro cards has diluted the level we now see on a pro stage compared to the 90’s and 00’s when only one pro card would be given to the elite compared to multiple pro cards currently given out to current competitors?

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