4:45 – Trying to make a weight class & id have to weigh in the night before the show (usually obviously heavier) do I stop water & take a diuretic 3/4 hours before weigh in? Then carb up through the night?
7:12 – Dave, the fiber carbs like Fibrelyze, or carbs from veggies. Are use to refill the glycogen deposits for energy?
9:27 – Is insulin resistance a matter of degree? And also, is it always reversible? Thank you!
13:54 – Do you really think The Rock can support and promote an event or ‘sport’ that is openly not drug tested? I dont think his or main stream sponsors will back that. I think the general public in todays day and age would be very critical of him supporting and promoting that. A large portion of his following are young children . The WWE had to start drug testing for the same reason.
15:54 – Dennis Wolf had one of my favorite physiques of all time. He was massive, shredded, proportional, and i think his shape was pleasing. what held him back?
17:38 – Can Nick Walker win the Arnold Classic? Where might he place at the Olympia?
20:11 – Tips for maintaining shape during the off-season.
23:04 – Do you personally have your clients come off of their injectable compounds a week before their contest to prevent water retention & have them just run their orals up to the day of the show?
24:18 – When you plan a GEAR cycle do you start high dosage & high androgen then taper down towards lower dosage & more anabolics over the duration of the course, or do you keep a steady dose of a balanced mix of androgens and anabolics?
27:09 – We were told starting bodybuilding to always do pull ups for back muscle mass, however i dont ever see any pros doing them, are they even worth doing at an advanced level?
28:46 – Why is tren such a benefit in prep, and which ester?
32:31 – Dave’s favorite python?

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