4:19 – Tips for building traps
8:40 – Does it make sense to take saw palmetto if you’re on finasteride?
10:50 – Probiotics vs. Prebiotics
14:58 – If you kept training after the show instead of resting, what would your training look like? Would you do only isolation and pump type of workouts or would you go hard and heavy?
17:41 – Dave my question is why now. Older bodybuilders have had success in the game but now with health problems mental problems addiction problems old timers want to change the game but never thought of changing the game when they were in it doing everything bodybuilders are doing now to win or get bigger. So my question is why leave the game alone bodybuilders know what they’re getting themselves into
21:25 – Best test to deca dosing ratio while bulking for the advanced lifter
23:11 – How much does shbg and prolactin matter in blood work tests? Does it even matter? Is it different for people who never used peds vs guys on peds?
25:38 – Difference between omegalyze and generic fish oil ,health benefits etc
27:35 – Dave, after a competition, how do you incorporate carbs into the diet to avoid the excess of fat and water.
29:20 – I’m an overthinker with an overactive schedule and mind. This causes a general anxiety in my system which leads me to only sleeping for 5hrs at night. I don’t feel tired and my training and nutrition is on point. I’d like to find a way to relax more. I use gaba 500mg and 5htp 100mg yet I think 5htp does not work good for me, melatonin also doesn’t help as my problem is not falling asleep but staying more time asleep. Any suggestions?
31:50 – Dave – how do you get things done? Have you ever struggled with procrastination?

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