90’s Bodybuilder MOST LIKELY To Make Comeback? #askDave

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7:10 – Hey Dave, I was wondering if your DNA Power test showed you any indication of having a propensity for thyroid cancer? Just wondering if the test can show that sort of thing since I’m awaiting my DNA test results to come. Thanks, and best of luck with recovery.
13:00 – Adderall makes it totally easy to be in a deep calorie deficit. Why is it not more commonly used for cutting?
16:29 – Best way of warming up.
19:24 – Out of all the retired 90’s bodybuilders, which one do you think could still make a comeback?
20:53 – Dave, with all of the clients you prep or advise, how do you keep track of everyone’s progress, pics, diet changes, show dates, and payments?
25:31 – If you are taking Clen with a Blood pressure medication while on cycle, will this drop your BP too low and potentially have adverse effects?
27:41 – Would Cialis be good for blood flow if taken preworkout?
30:43 – Why do I have a knot after IM injections. Happens primarily in my delt section.
34:20 – Dave whatever happened to the great Charles Clairmonte? A top pro in the early 90s beating Flex Wheeler and Kevin Levrone and winning some grand prix shows.. Then seemed disappear after the 97 Mr O.. If you could track him down, be a good interview.

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